Our kennel is dedicated to producing talented, natural bird dogs that will become your hunting partner & friend for life. 

If the timing is right and God is willing, we are blessed with two to three litters each year.  With nine grandchildren to offer assistance the puppies are nurtured and socialized beyond compare.  The lineage of our dogs has proven itself time and time again to produce a strong bird finding ability, excellent disposition and an intelligent and biddable dog eager for training.  Our story began with that one true dog that you are so fortunate to own and forever trying to duplicate......."Windswept's Clay Bullet" without him our lives would have taken a different path altogether.

         Thank you "Clay" from the bottom of our hearts!


Gobblers in the mist on our beautiful mountain ridge in Western North Carolina,

if only the quail and grouse were as plentiful!

        Windswept Ridge Brittanys

Breeders of quality Brittanys that excel in the field and are loving companions in the home

We have been fortunate during the past 20 years to have traveled throughout the US with our dogs exposing them to almost every upland game bird in a variety of terrain.  This has been an invaluable training tool for both the dogs and us.  Our active involvement in the National Shoot to Retrieve Association has given us the opportunity to meet other avid bird dog enthusiasts from across the country and has given our dogs a fun pastime outside of hunting season to hone their skills. 

These wonderful dogs have certainly taken over our lives, one might even say we are obsessed.  Let's just say there is never a dull moment on the farm.